History at Tindale Gardens - Meet the Tindale's

In 1958 George and Ruth Tindale purchased the site from Mr. & Mrs. Harry Potter.

George a research scientist at the Victorian Department of Agriculture and a keen horticulturist, and his wife Ruth, were intent on developing and enlarging the overgrown garden and land.  Together they created paths, garden beds, established ornamental plantings and gradually extended the garden down the hillside. All under a canopy of giant eucalyptus (Mountain Ash).

George Tindale head shot

Margaret Ruth Tindale after receiving her OAM in 1990.
George and Ruth shared their passion for gardening with personal friends for decades. 

In recognition and celebration of their tireless contributions, the Tindale's named Paths after those friends (see plan below.)

George passed away in 1977, and it was his wish that the garden should be preserved.

Learn more about George Barrand Tindale and his contributions to life in Australia.

After his death, Ruth donated the 2.4 hectacre garden to the Victorian Conservation Trust in his memory.

Today it is managed under the care of Parks Victoria.

Ruth carried on their garden vision with friends, until her passing in 2006.

Tindale Garden Site Plan - click here

image-83845-George Tindale Memorial Garden site plan - Sherbrooke AU 04Mar2012 sRGB web.jpg?1408417681850
Paths are named after Tindale gardening friends.

Early History at 33 Sherbrooke Road

Tindale Gardens began recent life known as Pallant's Hill in Sherbrooke. In 1893, a retired seaman, Captain Joseph Pallant, selected the site (4 hectacres/10acres) when the area was first being settled. He owned the land for 22 years and you can still find reference to Pallant's Hill today on local maps.

In 1915, English engineer Mr H.R. Harper purchased the property.  Over 15 years, he laid out a horseshoe drive still in use today (Harpers Drive East and West), and planted the now-mature exotic trees around the Front Lawn and House. A photographer's delight, the autumnal color shows are an annual head-turner when driving along Sherbrooke Road. They only hint at the beauty within the garden beyond.

In 1930, Mr. & Mrs. Harry Potter purchased the land as a weekend retreat. During their 28 years of ownership, some of the 4 hectacres were sold.

Recent History

In 1985, the Victorian Conservation Trust re-aquired 1 hectacre of land sold in the 1930's and added it to the George Tindale Memorial Garden.

It is located at the north edge of the garden in the lower land elevation, and is easily seen from Braeside Avenue which runs along the East property line.

A Time to Celebrate 100 Years

In 1993, a gathering was held onsite to commerate the purchase of Pallant's Hill, by Captain Joseph Pallant.

In attendance was a daughter of H.R Harper who owned the property from 1915 to 1930, and Pat Feilman. At far right is Ruth Tindale.

1996 A Conservation Analysis

A 67 page report, about George Tindale Memorial Garden, was published for Melbourne Parks.

It was authored by Karen Olsen of Olsen Wilken
& Associates, and Annie MacKinnon of
ACM Landscape Architecture.

Review this report in it's entirety: click this link

Tindale - Making A Garden

A collection of 14 favorite photographs capturing
a few key moments from the late 1950's to 2006.

  • Tindale's2 - late 1950's
    George Tindale in the early years of establishing the garden
  • Tindale's3 - 1962
    George Tindale Building one of the tanks
  • Tindale's4 - 1965
    House & garden
  • Tindale's5 - 1967
    Clearing for a 32000gallon tank at Pilkington Parade
  • Tindale's6 - 1969
    George Tindale on The Crescent Path
  • Tindale's7 - 1985-1989
    Ruth Tindale as tour leader
  • Tindale's8 - late 1980s
    Ruth Tindale with Peter Schauble at magnolia dawsoniana
  • Tindale's9 - 1990
    Margaret Ruth Tindale after receiving her OAM
  • Tindale's10 - 19Sep1993 A 100 Year Celebration Event
    Ruth Tindale at right with daughter of former owners (Harper's) & Pat Feilman
  • Tindale's11 - 1994
    Ruth Tindale & Cindy on a photo walk
  • Tindale's12 - Sep1998
    Ruth Tindale at her 80th birthday event at Ferny Creek Horticultural Society
  • Tindale's13 - Sep1998
    Ruth with Ana Maria at her 80th birthday
  • Tindale's14 - 1990's
    Ruth Tindale's sculpture north of the house
  • Tindale's15 - Jan2006
    Ruth Tindale A Celebration Of Her Life

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